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The GM-CNC series is offered in 3 CNC-machine sizes and form high-accuracy flat surfaces and tapers on forged and stamped cutlery, flatware, scissors, garden and hand tools.

  • Flexible to all kinds of working tasks
  • Up to 5 CNC-axis
  • Extreme short set up time
  • Grinding of several surfaces in one clamping
  • Playfree and highly precise linear roller bearing guides, result in an amazing quality improvement and higher precision.
  • Double the non-grinding speeds and triple the acceleration reduce the non-grinding time by 70%
  • Low set-up time because of most modern programming methods
  • PC-CNC control SINUMERIK 840D with Windows®
  • Software DialogPLUS with automatic radius calculation
  • Possibility of combination with other machine types (e.g. polishing machine PM-CNC) because of modular method of construction. Due to this processing cells for a complete processing of hand tools can be put together.

Optional features
  • Patent fixture block (for up to 4 different workpiece holders)
  • For grinding grape shears and similar workpieces a rotating attachment is available which can also be used for grinding circular knives
  • Dressing attachment with diamond coated dressing rolls
  • Automatic feed and automation system with stackable, chain and cassette magazine
  • Technological support and immediate troubleshooting with SIEPMANN-Teleservice

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