LinaPod Grinding
Machine for "Kullen"
("granton edge")

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This worldwide 1st grinding machine with parallel-kinematics is developed to grind "Kullen" ("granton edge") in all forms of knives.
  • The "Kullen" are grind vertical to the cutting edge, programmable for all kinds of knife forms.
  • A sensor picks up the grinding point of the grinding wheel on the workpiece, regardless the surface/flatness of the knives. This means constant "Kullen".
  • The programmable depth and length of the "Kulle" is always constant, regardless of the grinding wheel wear and the diameter change that is automatically compensated.
  • Due to the "Tripod-Principle" there is a free flexibility of the grinding wheel within the work area.
  • Due to the additional pivoting around the vertical-axis (up to 180), it is possible to grind every kind of angle.
  • Up to 3 grinding wheels can be arranged side by side and it is possible to grind 3 "Kullen". That means for straight knives: 3 times more output
  • The kinematics gives high dynamic movements and extreme short position- and non-grinding times.
  • High precision because of the mechanical stiffness of the system.
  • Other grinding tasks are possible (different grinds with different surfaces and angles).
  • For very short circle times the LP2-CNC is equipped with a diamond coated dressing roll.
  • Also used for serration and wave grinding.

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