GM-CNC Flat and Taper Grinding Machines in different machine sizes for the processing of knives, scissors, garden and hand tools. Flexible to all kinds of working tasks, up to 5 CNC-axis.

VG-CNC Flat and Taper Grinding Machine in different machine sizes with vertical grinding spindle. For knives, scissors, garden and hand tools. Also to grind heavily curved surfaces (e.g. manicure or surgical scissors): VG-CNC-B with up to 5 CNC-axis.

SM-H Flat and Taper Grinding Machine with hydraulic drive for the processing of knives, scissors, garden and hand tools, in different machine sizes. The conventional alternative.

HS-CNC Hollow Grinding Machine for e.g. sporting and hunting knives, pocket and kitchen knives. 2 different machine sizes. Possibility of combination with other grinding machines.

RS-CNC Back-Edge and Profile Grinding Machine, available in different types, for the optimal processing of knives, scissors and similar tools. Great working envelope: Even processing of the knife tips and ends.

WS-CNC Serration and Profile Grinding Machine for grinding scallops, serrations, teeth profiles and edges. Available in different machine sizes; 1-4 CNC-axis.

DSM1-CNC Double Sided Profile Grinding Machine for sharpening, also with serration, on both sides at pocket and sporting and knives.

BSM2 - CNC Curved Surface Grinding Machine for workpieces with extremely curved surfaces. With up to 5 axis. The alternative to a grinding robot.

KSM - CNC Circular Knife Grinding Machine in different machine sizes up to 600 mm workpiece diameter. For the processing of circular knives, circular saws and saw centres.

RTM - CNC Rotary Table Grinding Machine with horizontal chuck for grinding circular saws or similar workpieces.

LP2 - CNC LinaPod Grinding Machine for grinding "Kullen" ("granton-edge"). Based on parallel kinematics (LinaPod) for grinding "Kullen", standard scallops or other complex grinding tasks.

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