Polishing Machine

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The series PA17 double-roll polishing and buffing machines are used in a wide variety of designs for knives, scissors, all flat and curved parts (e.g. curved scissors).
  • Particularly suitable for small and medium production quantities as an alternative to our series PA29 interlinked with continuous polishing systems
  • Optimum polishing pressure with minimum polishing roll wear
  • Various workpiece holders and clamping systems are available, depending on the workpieces to be treated.
  • Hydraulically controlled longitudinal movement permits exact reversing points without delays as well as simple adjustment of stroke length and rate.
  • Infinitely variable transverse oscillation
  • Front operation and ideal loading height ensure easy handling, even of heavy workpieces.
  • Heavy, low-vibration cast-iron structure
  • Fully encased bearings with wear-free seals prevent the ingress of polishing dust.

Optional features
  • A re-clamping table permits simple transfer to the PA17G handle-polishing machine, e.g. when machining table knives and their handles.

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