Full Automatic
Transfer Polishing

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Full automatic polishing system for spoons and forks with 3-7 stations (from the series PA17R / PA17K / PA17S) for the complete processing. Indexing rotary tables for automatic feeding.
  • Simultaneous processing of 20 table spoons, 24 coffee spoons and up to 32 forks because of a working area with a width of 1000mm (40)
  • Highest productivity with just 1 operator: The indexing rotary tables transport the racks with the workpieces to the different polishing stations.
  • Highest quality due to optimised buffing movements between the buffing rolls (patented) and 50% less buffing compound consumption.
  • Modular system consisting of 3-7 buffing stations, depending upon quality output requirements
  • Automatic application of the buffing compound

Optional features
  • Automatic rapid clamping system of the buffing shafts to reduce set-up
  • CNC-programmable handle buffing (PA17S) simplifies set-up of ornate and delicate
  • Different executions of automatic discharging table, depending upon the requirements of the user.

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