Transfer Polishing System

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The Transfer Polishing System for processing of knives, scissors, chisels and other flat tools. The different polishing stations are connected with a continuous system.
  • Continuous component transport without non-productive times with infinitely variable transfer speed
  • Unlimited polishing stations according to the request of the user
  • Constant abrasion of the buffing rolls
  • Possibility to use different buffing materials on the same rolls
  • Simplest operation also possible in sitting position
  • An extremely high productivity with inferior costs for buffing materials are reached by the maximum diameter of 300mm (12) for the buffing roll of the basic machine PA29D33
  • Automatic application of the buffing compound

Optional features
  • Table knife polishing including bolster area. For the machining of wedge-type blades, the basic model PA 29 D 33 can be completed with a bolster polishing station PA 29 D 11 with small roll diameters
  • CNC-version with programmable workpiece parameters

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